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While the SHARC™ and Sawfish™ technologies often get all the attention, it’s our people who make Triton succeed. We come from all sorts of backgrounds and usually work in different time zones. However, our commitment to innovation, triple-bottom-line leadership and hard work binds us together.


Peter Keyes – President & CEO

  Peter comes from the global forest products world, having built teams and sold wood on all corners of the earth. At Triton, Peter ensures that we remain focused on our core responsibility: Delivering value to our shareholders, partners and the communities in which we work through products and services that are financially rewarding, environmentally sound and socially beneficial.

Chris Stead – Chief Financial Officer

  Chris brings more than 20 years of financial acumen in diverse global industries, from forestry equipment to medical testing. As CFO, Chris oversees Triton’s global financial and administrative capabilities. He is also charged with ensuring that the company’s relationships with key financial partners – including shareholders – is maintained at the highest level in order to allow Triton’s operations and sales teams to drive value every day in the field.

Richard Shipley – Vice President – Operations

  Richard’s experience includes running large-scale logging operations with a particular focus on cost-efficiencies and innovation. As the world’s foremost authority on underwater logging operations, Richard has set up operations in northern Canada, Southeast Asia and Africa. Richard is also charged with overseeing specifications for Triton’s harvest technologies to meet the requirements of our teams around the world.

Stan Worsley – Director, Engineering

  Stan is a mechanical engineer with 25 years of experience in applied research and product development who has managed high-tech engineering and manufacturing projects on a global basis. As head of Triton’s engineering department Stan has lead the engineering team through the development, manufacture, testing and commissioning of Triton’s proprietary underwater harvesters   He has been the driver of making our harvesters the field-tested, everyday logging equipment that they are today.  In turn, Stan has been instrumental in establishing and registering Triton’s Intellectual Property around the world, providing the backbone to our innovation.

Alexandre Lima – Managing Director, Brazil

  Alexandre provides strategic leadership for the company in Brazil, establishing and maintaining essential relationships with key stakeholders, including all spheres of Brazilian Government, private sector, consolidating Triton’s presence in Brazil and providing on the ground support for the company´s licensing objectives. Alexandre has worked with multinational companies in Brazil and England, with a solid legal and environmental experience on state and federal regulatory activities, relevant knowledge of the public and private sectors in South America, developed projects related to hydropower plants licensing, oil & gas licensing, environmental monitoring programs, HSE programs, and environmental managements systems and audits. Alexandre received a MBE in 2004 in Environmental Management from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

John Allotey – Managing Director, Ghana

  John has held progressively senior positions with one of the largest Ghanaian-owned timber firms in Ghana. As head of Triton’s subsidiary, CSR Developments, John is responsible for all aspects of Triton-CSRD’s business in Ghana, including licensing, harvesting, milling, and wood sales. In addition, John is the key liaison with government and community stakeholders for ongoing survey, channel-clearing and other projects by which Triton can deliver sustainable value. John holds a Master’s of Business Administration degree from the University of Wales, UK which complements his undergraduate degree from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi-Ghana.


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